Monday, November 21, 2011

The Results of the election and how it affects the future.

I came in 7th place in the contest for Mayor. Or did I?

On the thursday before the election - I publicly began endorsing Randy Helten, in order to give one of the candidates a shot in hell at getting somewhere. Randy ended finishing third and I am super proud of the job that he did!! I knew full well that running against Vision and the NPA wasn't going to get me far and it was always my game plan to muster up support from the apathetic East Van 20 - 35 year olds that don't usually vote. Once I had the support, I wanted to give it to a candidate that had a chance and by the end of the race it was the NSV's mayoral challenger.

Considering that no body else from East Vancouver ran for the Mayor seat, I am proclaiming my self the Mayor of East Vancouver in an uncontested race. At first glance, that might seem like a childs answer to a bad outcome but rest assured there are good reason why I am taking this on.

East Vancouver is not represented in the political spectrum in city hall. That is one of the major reasons that I ran for office. When I defined my platform, it was based on the needs of people in my community and those needs have not changed. Community organizing and social activism (known better to the general public as PROTESTING) is something that happens on a daily basis and will not stop just because the election is over.

With that being said, my first action as the newly self appointed Mayor of East Vancouver will be to start my political party - "The House Party." If you would like to join the house party or become involved in community organizing, give me a shout and lets start to make this happen.

My second action is a commitment first to inner city youth and secondly all youth. I will be providing some hip hop empowerment workshops for kids that need a way to let out steam and express some of the things that frustrate them. Kids are the future and we should be investing in them the same way we invest in stocks or opportunities.

My third action is to talk to engage more youth in politics and making concrete changes. I will be doing this through my resurrected talk show - "That Fucking Show." The show will be an in depth, uncensored talk show about life in Vancouver that will include politics, sport, art and culture and life in general.

I would like to thank all of my supporters who layed down a vote for dubgee in this past election. If i didn't continue my actions I would feel like I have let you down. So please stay tuned and up to date on what your boy is doing and lets get ready to be a reckoning force in three years.

Thank You,


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