Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The First Town Hall Meeting

Our First Town Hall

Our First Town Hall meeting will be happening at La Fontanas, a cafe on Hastings at Boundary. It's a nice location to have my first opportunity to listen to the citizens and get a chance to hear whats on their mind. Hopefully the weather is nice enough that we can sit on the deck, looking down into Vancouver in all directions. Kinda symbolic.
I want to first say thank you to Fontana's for hosting this event. It means a lot to me that people and business are stepping up to support an independent candidate from East Van. It shows me that people really do want change.
I invite any and everybody that can make it to my first meeting. You will find the directions and a google map below. I will also include a list of topics I will be discussing in my platform. As we exchange ideas together, I hope that we can create an action plan that will help transform the city into something we can all appreciate.

Here are some of the topics we will be discussing:
Affordable Housing
Gender Equity
Youth Programs
Civic Events
The Green Agenda
Labour Policies  

Google Maps:

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