Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lesson 1: Don't swear when talking with other candidates.

Last night I went toe to toe with the enemy. It was good practice. Stephanie Harper, Suzanne Anton was holding a town hall meeting for the citizens of Strathcona, the DTES, Mount Pleasant and Grandview neighbourhoods at Les Amie des Fromage (Eng: Friends of Cheese). For those that don't know about this place, it is an expensive cheese store on Hastings street one block wast of Ray Cam Community Center.
On the way down, I had clearly defined the purpose of tonight – I was going just listen. Try to hear the political tongue at work, and learn how to twist your answers to seem like every word is a gift from God. I walked in to the venue late with my partner, a remarkable women, and my recorder which I had failed to arm. As the mic was being passed around for questions, I instinctively grabbed it (throwing my purpose out the window) and asked, “Why did you choose to have this town hall in a venue that is obviously unaffordable to most of the residents in this neighbourhood when there is a community centre right across the street?” Her answer (I don't have a quote – my recorder was still not recording at this point.) tried to allude to the generosity of the shop owner as a community trait but was clearly out of touch with the community.

During this conversation, I started to get “passionate” and might have swore a couple of times. Sorry Suzanne. I'll try to keep a lid on that.

I did finally get my recorder on to record the next round of conversation but I'm going to stay mum on that. I'm definitely using some of those vocal samples in my next track.

Besides the NPA plants in the crowd, I think there were about 8 people that showed up to this event and we all had valid reasons to be there. But I would have like to see more people there to give her hell. Anton is a flip flopper, a career politician and someone who is so far disconnected from working class people. It is clear that HER only platform is “I'm not Gregor.” Well guess what – Im neither of you two whack jobs and I'm in the race.

I hope we get a chance to talk at a town hall meeting. I will be posting times where you can come and meet me and ask me about my platform or throw me an idea or two. If you have an opinion on this city I want to hear it.

And don't forget to vote for Dubgee – working class solutions to working class problems.  

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