Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Official Press Release

Press Release
Sept 25, 2011
Dubgee launches 2011 mayoral campaign

Local Musician Dubgee (a.k.a. Harley Jaimes Rose) is excited to announce that he will be running for Mayor of Vancouver in the November 2011 municipal election. He is a single dad and youth mentor from East Vancouver. He will be running as an independent with a focus on issues of working class citizens. His goal is to raise awareness of civic issues and the process of running a campaign  among large parties who are heavily funded.
As Dubgee learns about running a campaign he would like to share his experience through his youth work and music. He is looking forward to meeting with community groups and individuals to learn the different perspectives that make up the city. Harley believes that to have a well functioning democracy, participation is paramount and citizens need to be both educated and listened to on issues that will directly affect them.
For more information on Dubgee’s platform, please go to www.dubgeeformayor.blogspot.com where you will find his platform, list of events, contact information and how to donate to his campaign. If you would like to contact Dubgee you can visit his campaign office located at 2120 Commercial or email him directly at dubgeeformayor@gmail.com.

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