Thursday, September 29, 2011

Labour Policies

Today, the big stories are about labour. Not only the locked out workers at the Rocky Mountaineer and striking P.N.E. workers but the Teachers. The teachers strike is such a hot ticket right now - everybody has an opinion. So do I, and here it is.

I stand in solidarity with the teachers who are striking as a result of a higher work load and less pay.

I also encourage people to quit complaining about the teachers labour situation and look at their own. If you want a better paying job with summers off, go and get one. Instead of complaining about workers asking for more rights, why don't you join them and demand more rights in your place of employment. Or get a job where they treat employees better.

The BC Liberals and the Federal Conservatives want us to fight about these little things because it divides us. If we don't support each other, the government will divide and conquer us all until we have no rights at all. And like my Mom always used to say, "Then you'll have something to cry about."

BC Teachers Federation -
C.U.P.E. 1004 - *Update - CUPE has reached a tentative agreement with the P.N.E.
Teamsters -

And a Vancouver Courier story about the Lockout

Have a great Thursday Vancouver and enjoy the sunshine. Maybe I will see you tonight hobnobbing at the convention centre looking at some dope ass furniture. (Yeah thats right, FURNITURE.)

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