Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A good healthy conflict of interest, er, breakfast.

This morning I went to the Organic Breakfast at the Vancouver Art Gallery. At first I thought it was a fundraiser for the Food Bank for whom I had brought two cans of hearty soup (it was on the wishlist) but I quickly realized that it was an undercover Vision Campaign stop. Here is what lead me to that reason;

1. Although it was sponsored primarily by Vancity, Happy Planet was a sponsor and had provided the event with a donation of products plus five thousand dollars to the cause.
2. Vision Vancouver candidates were the only ones speaking. Andrea Reimer and Gregor himself were endorsing this campaign with speeches that are supposed to be happening as I post this.
3. This was done in a public space where campaigning would be more fruitful, instead of say on the Downtown Eastside where there is a growing need and demand for healthy breakfasts.
*Gentrification of the Downtown Eastside is supposed to bring Rich People into the neighbourhood to "help" the poorer folk by spending money which will spur the local economy.
4. Poor people don't vote. So why have a fundraiser for an organization that will help those less fortunate in a place where NOBODY can see you do it.

I'm glad that people are fundraising. As all levels of our government are cutting more and more social funding and giving more contracts and tax breaks to corporations owned by friends, the only way to deal with these issues is to grovel at the feet of these corporations and ask for donations and contributions. This is a blatant repeated cliche of our local council and mayor. He loves to talk about helping the poor and homeless in front of voters but refuses to actually do anything about the problem. Otherwise he would just do the right thing - help feed the poor and undernourished. Especially in light of  this article. When will we realize that we need to stand up as a community and make sure that the government is going to look out for all of its citizens instead of just the rich ones? Oh yeah, when everybody starts voting.

On that note, I will again encourage you to vote Dubgee for Mayor in the November Election. As your mayor - I will fast track the housing and homelessness issues in the Downtown Eastside. As an artist and single dad I understand the issues of poverty and the mental illness that people face on an everyday basis.  Having a first hand experience will allow me to take a realistic and positive approach as we attempt to eradicate homelessness and help those with addiction and mental illness.

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