Monday, November 21, 2011

The Results of the election and how it affects the future.

I came in 7th place in the contest for Mayor. Or did I?

On the thursday before the election - I publicly began endorsing Randy Helten, in order to give one of the candidates a shot in hell at getting somewhere. Randy ended finishing third and I am super proud of the job that he did!! I knew full well that running against Vision and the NPA wasn't going to get me far and it was always my game plan to muster up support from the apathetic East Van 20 - 35 year olds that don't usually vote. Once I had the support, I wanted to give it to a candidate that had a chance and by the end of the race it was the NSV's mayoral challenger.

Considering that no body else from East Vancouver ran for the Mayor seat, I am proclaiming my self the Mayor of East Vancouver in an uncontested race. At first glance, that might seem like a childs answer to a bad outcome but rest assured there are good reason why I am taking this on.

East Vancouver is not represented in the political spectrum in city hall. That is one of the major reasons that I ran for office. When I defined my platform, it was based on the needs of people in my community and those needs have not changed. Community organizing and social activism (known better to the general public as PROTESTING) is something that happens on a daily basis and will not stop just because the election is over.

With that being said, my first action as the newly self appointed Mayor of East Vancouver will be to start my political party - "The House Party." If you would like to join the house party or become involved in community organizing, give me a shout and lets start to make this happen.

My second action is a commitment first to inner city youth and secondly all youth. I will be providing some hip hop empowerment workshops for kids that need a way to let out steam and express some of the things that frustrate them. Kids are the future and we should be investing in them the same way we invest in stocks or opportunities.

My third action is to talk to engage more youth in politics and making concrete changes. I will be doing this through my resurrected talk show - "That Fucking Show." The show will be an in depth, uncensored talk show about life in Vancouver that will include politics, sport, art and culture and life in general.

I would like to thank all of my supporters who layed down a vote for dubgee in this past election. If i didn't continue my actions I would feel like I have let you down. So please stay tuned and up to date on what your boy is doing and lets get ready to be a reckoning force in three years.

Thank You,


Sunday, November 6, 2011

My one and only campaign fundraiser

To help raise awareness and cover some campaign costs, Im throwing a FUNdraiser, Monday November 14th at the Media Club. The doors will open at 8:30 and the cover charge will be a $5 - $15 sliding scale. (A far cry from the $250 per plate dinner that Vision is charging.) The evening will feature some local emcee's/friends that have agreed to come out and make sure that the party gets live! On the bill are Kris Blade, Friends with the Help and DJ K-Rec. A few other emcee's have also contributed some tracks for my mixtape, "The Campaign Trail." Here is a video from my homies, Friends with the Help. The song is called East Van Shit. Enjoy and see you on the 14th.

Make sure to RSVP for the facebook event page here.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More music

I put out this song called "Connect The Dots" last week. It's about how everybody in the political world is connected and works with each other. I do diss a couple of people in it but isn't that what good rap is for?

Thanks to soundcloud for their awesome technology allowing you, the listener, to leave timed comments in the song.

Connect the dots DIRTY by dubgee

Stay tuned for the upcoming mixtape.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dubjedi: A New Hope

Truth be known, I'm a Star Wars Geek. Me and my good homey Billy Botox put this video together mocking the state of politics in British Columbia. And yes, I am insinuating that Gregor will lose the election and return to provincial politics, possibly as liberal in NDP clothing. Since more information is coming to light about Gregor's ties to the BC liberals, expect a remix to my song connect the dots. Here is the FIRST negative ad from the Vancouver Municipal Election.

Enjoy! and don't forget to follow, like, share, and retweet!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Platform 2: Housing

Housing is a huge issue in this city. We cannot let Darth Gregor go on ignoring the homeless situation. Robertson and his team of "Visionaries" (probably from too many shroomz) have continued to mislead the public with it's numbers and fake smiles.

There are two very distinct reasons why I would like to end the homelessness issue in Vancouver.
1. My dad was homeless for 20 years. He drank and used drugs and it was clear to me that the decisions he made were in fact not his decisions, but the physiology of addiction. The last few years of his life, he managed to sober up and find a home in Black Creek on Vancouver Island. He loved to play his guitar on the streets of Campbell River for residents and tourists from the cruise ships. I can still remember how excited he was that some German tourists bought a home made CD and now he was going to get some "international fans". During his visits to the city, he checked in on old friends and if anybody needed a place to stay for the night, he would welcome them to his house, cook dinner and help them get through another night. If anybody wanted to try to kick an addiction, wether drugs or alcohol, his door was ALWAYS open. After 8 years of sobriety and helping his friends off the street, he succumbed quickly to lung cancer. His experiences within the ministry and with addiction weighed heavily on my heart and putting my energy into solving this issue would honor his memory.

2. Housing the homeless in Vancouver would save the City and the Province money. Here is a link to an article in the Tyee that addresses the issue.

The Tyee - Homeless Solutions (From 2007)

I believe that we can house the 1600 people that are homeless. In order to do this we will first need to be compassionate and then we need to financially make a strong commitment to end this problem.

We must commit to a proactive plan rather than a reactive plan. Everybody in this city deserves to have their basic needs met including the homeless. This needs include food, shelter clothing and education. I believe the biggest need in the DTES is compassionate workers who genuinely care about helping people.  I would like to thank the workers that already are in the DTES doing an incredibly demanding job.

I would like to work with the elected council (Tim Louis and Ellen Woodsworth in particular) and service providers in the DTES, to create a plan that focuses on not just housing, but mental health, employability and addiction. These are all branches of the same tree and need to be addressed as one before we can move forward on making the DTES a safe place for everyone.

Thanks for reading and vote for Dubgee on November 19th to make Vancouver a place for everybody to prosper.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Platform 1: Transit

Transit Improvements

My first major plan to help tweak public transit within the city is the introduction of varied express routes. These variations on already popular routes will free up room in the middle of routes to help avoid riders not being picked up by full busses. I will use the 99B line as an example because I am familiar with it. This plan can easily be adapted by the 84B line as well as the 97B line.

1. Introduction of the 99A line
This plan would introduce a bus service that took riders from Broadway/Commercial Station directly to U.B.C. with no stops in between. This service could run every 5th or 6th bus to help free up room on the 99Bline for riders getting on at Clark or Fraser who have trouble when the bus fills up at Broadway Station. This service would help alleviate the large amount of UBC traffic that flows through Broadway Stn.

3. The 99B line will still continue to function serving all regular 99B line stops.

2. The 99C and 99D lines
These routes would alternate between a west express and an east express.

The 99C line would pick up at Broadway Station and travel directly to Granville street with no pick up or drop off. After Granville street, the bus would make all normal B line stops until U.B.C. This would help with the majority of people trying to get to the Granville business district and West Broadway. On the return trip it would make all 99B line stops until Granville and then head straight to Commercial.

The 99D line for instance would make all regular Bline stops between Broadway and Granville. After Granville street, it would head directly to U.B.C. without pick up or drop off. On the return trip, it would travel from U.B.C straight to Granville and then make all regular 99B line stops.

Fact: Transit in the city is planned by people who don't use the system. This is why Stephanie Harper, uh, Suzanne Anton, thinks she can fast track a completely useless idea like putting in the new Olympic Line rail system to China town.

Instead of spending money we don't have on a street car system that winds itself all the way to Chinatown, lets just get the streetcar running on the track that we have that runs between Olympic Village and Granville Island.

In a year, we can poll students and business owners that work and study on Granville Island about the benefits of the line, (quicker getting to school, boost to business) and make an educated decision on expanding the line.

I personally feel that the streetcar running from south Vancouver along the Arbutus corridor all the way to Granville Island and on to China town and the Cruise ship terminal would boost business and encourage residents to explore (and spend) more in different parts of the city. This is something I would like to work toward in the long run if it is viable. For now, lets get the street car back to Granville Island and help support our small businesses, it's employees and students.

I encourage you all to leave me a comment or reply. Thanks. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Official

Today was the deadline for nominations to get handed in. I managed to get mine in ahead of time and I am now focused on the road ahead. In this post, I want to address the reasons that I am running and call my supporters to action.

The Reasons:
1. As a born and raised Vancouverite, I have often criticized many of the choices that politicians have made and I decided that instead of complaining, I would be the change.

2. As a musician, I would like to use my songwriting skills to address the current political municipal issues. In my own opinion, political hip hop is what made the art form what it is today. With music as a tool, I plan to raise awareness about the importance of exercising our democratic rights and

3. I am very interested in the process of running for mayor and trying to understand what it takes to compete against the campaign machines that both the NPA and the COPE/VISION parties are using.

That being said, my first call to action is to help me fundraise for supplies and marketing materials. I didn't think it was very fair to ask for donations to the campaign based on just my ideas and my platform. I also wanted to make sure that I had something tangible that you could have as a thank you. So here is my first single entitled Relevant Development. It's is a song about all the recent developments that are being OK'd by city hall.

The song costs one dollar. 50 cents of that goes to my "Food and Rent" fund. The other 50 cents goes towards my campaign. There is an option to pay more than 1 dollar if you feel so inclined. Any purchases over $1.50, 1.00 will go to my "Food and Rent" fund and the rest of it will go to my campaign. If you decide to pay 5 dollars for a track, 4 will go to the campaign, 1 will go to me and my son. Hope you enjoy the track, stay tuned for more updates.